Simple Solutions for a Two-Year-Old’s Temper Tantrums


A temper tantrum is a whirlwind of emotions that includes anger, loss, disappointment, and irritation. This emotional outburst in toddlers at the age of two can result in thrashing, screaming fits, hitting the parents, tumbling down, kicking, biting, throwing things, banging the head, or breath-holding episodes. This is known colloquially as the “terrible twos.”

Do you want to know how to handle toddler tantrums? The Love Center Day Care Learning Center Academy will provide you with some of the many steps according to science.

  • Don’t Reason Because They Cannot Hear
    Trying to argue with your child about their feelings when they are having a breakdown is a waste of time. You may end up upsetting them and exacerbating their emotions.
  • Restore Emotional Balance and Learn to Self-Regulate
    Holding or embracing activates their body’s soothing system and releases another feel-good chemical (oxytocin), which helps them regulate their emotions. Before you do this, make sure you are calm. Otherwise, if your system is not quiet, you may stress him out even more.
  • Stay Calm, Be Positive but Don’t Give In
    Getting angry or displaying negative emotions can add to your child’s stress. However, being optimistic does not imply submission. You can acknowledge their frustration while maintaining your boundaries.
  • Prevent Temper Tantrums Before They Appear
    When children are hungry or weary, they are more likely to throw a tantrum. To prevent tantrum traps, establish a daily pattern of sleep-eat-rest. Boredom, tension, anger, or frustration are all common tantrum triggers.

Tantrums are nothing new in our 24 hour daycare in New Orleans, so we know how to handle them effectively, safely, and compassionately.

Enroll your little sweetie with our child care in New Orleans, Louisiana, today if you’re looking for holistic early childhood education.

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