How Playing Benefits a Child’s Development


When your child repeatedly begs you to play with them, even after you’ve just returned from work, it can be sometimes frustrating or even feel like a burden. However, did you know that play for kids has long-term physical, mental, and social benefits, especially in their early childhood education?

  • Physical Benefits
    The more you play with your kid, the more you teach them the importance of physical activity and the joy of play. When you get your kids started early with physical activities, you’re helping them become active, which is good for their health.
  • Mental Benefits
    Playing with your child is a great way to stimulate their brains and help them learn. When children are engaged in play, they solve issues, create, experiment, ponder, and acquire new knowledge.

    Our 24 hour daycare in New Orlean allows children to play outside to help them build the cognitive abilities they’ll need in the future.

  • Social Benefits
    Playing is a natural and exciting method for your children to bond with you, their parents, and other kids they may meet when they start meeting new people. With more interactions through play, they will learn how to explore their emotions and develop self-discipline in their experience.

Don’t worry about not knowing how to play with your child! Many parents find themselves feeling awkward at first, but with time and effort, you’ll be able to do so and even enjoy playing with them.

You can also enroll them with us at The Love Center Day Care Learning Center Academy so we can provide them with our broad and stimulating curriculum and child care in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Get started today by calling us on our contact lines to learn more about how your children may join our academy!

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