How Play Affects Learning


Often, playing is seen by many adults as mere recreation for their children and a way for them to have fun. However, what many parents do not realize is that playing is one of the ways that children can learn about people and the environment around them. We at The Love Center Day Care Learning Center Academy can assist you with teaching your child everything that they will need to know to succeed. Being one of the primary providers of child care in New Orleans, Louisiana, you can leave your child to us.

We understand how valuable it is for children to play and gain a better understanding of the world around them. We prepare fun games that are also able to simulate their natural love for learning and curiosity. You can place your trust in us to bring out the inner potential of each child that we come across. So, when you need 24-hour daycare in New Orleans, kindly let us know. We would be happy to help you out.

As primary providers of early childhood education, we have several programs prepared for your children to learn from and enjoy. Give us a call today and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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