Every Type of Play Crucial to Child Development

Every Type of Play Crucial to Child Development

One of the favorite activities of children is playing. You’d see them running around all day without seemingly getting tired. Oftentimes, you’ll see them playing on their own. Other times, they’re having fun with other kids in a 24-hour daycare in New Orleans. No matter how they play, they just love doing it. Playing is unarguably the most fun thing to spend their time.

Seeing their children enjoy brings happiness to parents. However, some want to limit their children’s playtime as much as possible. They don’t want it to take a toll on their kids’ health. There’s nothing wrong with this, but parents must keep in mind that play is crucial in child development. Ideally, children must experience various types of play to foster different values and skillsets. Early childhood education greatly focuses on this.

When you see your little one playing, just let him/her be. Always keep in mind that what he/she is doing is beneficial for his/her development. On top of this, children are only young once, so let them make the most out of it!

Below is a list of every type of play that every child must experience.

  1. Unoccupied play
  2. Onlooker play
  3. Associative play
  4. Parallel play
  5. Cooperative play

Let your little one enjoy doing these and more!

At The Love Center Day Care Learning Center Academy, a provider of quality child care in New Orleans, Louisiana, we provide a safe and nurturing environment where children can learn and have fun.

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